(03-04-2017)  Brian Williams, ( has generously and continuously posted some of my previously written articles linked to his daily three articles that he posts that are still found under “Related Posts.”  His new three daily articles are outstanding and I hope readers find mine to also be of value and help.

(01-16-2017)  In addition to the three main articles that posts daily, there are ten different articles linked to each of those three articles, found under “Related Posts.”  Thanks to Brian, several of my previously published articles are included in each of the Related Posts section.  

(01-02-2017)  Besides the informative articles that daily posts, there are outstanding articles posted  linked to those articles at the conclusion of each article under “Related Posts.”  These can be just as beneficial to the hungry coach.

(12-26-2016)  Throughout this month of December, Brian Williams has at has consistently posted several of my favorite articles that had previously been published in the Winning Hoops magazine or other mags.  Thanks again to Brian.

(11-29-2016)  The Winning Hoops magazine is going to publish an article of mine titled, ‘Integrating Long Ball-Screens Into Your Man Offense’ in their Jan/Feb. issue.  Check out their website,

(11-28-2016)   Brian Williams has graciously posted several times during the month several of my articles as highlight articles as well as numerous articles in his ‘Related Posts’ supplementary section on his website,  Get on their email list for other outstanding articles, drills and plays that are being posted daily!!!! 

(10-02-2016)  Check out Brian Williams’ website,  Get on their email list for excellent articles, drills and plays that are posted daily!!!! 

(09-11-2016)  Brian Williams posted on his site, one of my articles and in his Related Posts section; he showed another 10 of my articles.  Get on their email list for  excellent articles, drills and plays that are posted daily!!!! 

(09-06-2016)  The Winning Hoops magazine published an article of mine titled, ‘Attacking with Multiple Screeners’ in their Sept./Oct issue.

(07-20-2016)  Read still another previously posted article titled “Save the Game With CPR–Complete Practice With Repetition” that was posted today on that was posted today.

(07-17-2016)  Read another article previously posted that is titled “POISE–Practice on Intense Offensive Situations Everyday” that was posted on today. 

(07-16-2016)  Check out another article–my personal favorite individual defensive breakdown drill,  titled “Defensive Pride Drill”  posted on—A great website for serious coached.  Everyday, there are plays, quotations and articles on various parts of the game.  Brian Williams does a great job with his fantastic website. 

(07-09-2016)  Check out another article titled “Grading Players’ Performances System” posted on

(06-12-2016)  Check out one of my articles titled “Super Transition Drill” previously written and published by Basketball Sense magazine and just posted on

(05-23-2016) Check out my latest article published in the March/April 2016 issue of Winning Hoops magazine titled, “Sideline Out-of-Bounds Package.”

(05-23-2016) Check out a great website for strength and quickness training for individual basketball players:

(02-29-2016) Check out my latest article published in the  Jan/Feb 2016 issue of the Winning Hoops magazine titled, “Unstoppable Offense–How a multi-phase approach can keep defenses guessing.” 

(12-21-2015)  Check out my last articles published in the November/December 2015 Issue of the Winning Hoops magazine titled,  “Baseline Out-of-Bounds Package.”

There were a couple of other good articles in last issue of Winning Hoops for 2015; particularly “The Eight Personalities of Parents.”

Check out two articles in the Spring of 2015 issue of The Real AAU Basketball magazine titled, “Conquering Late-Game Situations” and “Two Press Breakdown Drills.”   Also, there were interesting articles on maximizing practice time and “Coaching Your Parents.”

(11-09-2015)  If you have never done so, check out a great basketball coaching web site that is titled “”  Get on their email list for excellent articles, drills and plays every single day!!!! 


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